Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent or lease homes?
No. We sell new or pre-owned homes. You purchase the home and lease the lot.

What other expenses will I pay besides the lot rental?
There are no separate Resident’s Association fees or dues. You do pay your own utilities.

May I have a pet?
Yes, you may have a house pet, dog or cat, with a maximum of two pets. Permission by Management is required, and there is a Pet Rules and Regulations agreement that outlines all the applicable rules. Currently, there is a monthly pet charge of $1.50 per pet.

How far is it to the nearest grocery stores, etc.?
There are several grocery stores within a three mile radius of the community. In addition Lowe’s, Office Depot, Target, and Walgreens are within one mile. Walmart is approximately three miles.

Are any restaurants close by?
Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, Chili’s, Starbucks, and Subway are just a few that are close by. Many more restaurants are within a short driving distance.

What kind of security do you offer?
We are a gated community and the gates are closed from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m., Monday through Sunday. Cameras record visitors entering and leaving the community 24 hours a day.

How close are the hospitals and doctor’s offices?
Medical facilities and offices are within a short driving distance (from a few blocks to a mile away).

Do you provide any medical care?
No. Albuquerque Meadows is an Independent Living community for 55+ persons.